Book Your Gas Cylinder Via WhatsApp Now the government has made LPG Gas Booking very easy. In this post you will know how to do LPG Gas Booking from Whatsapp sitting at home. Here we are telling you how to book Bharat Gas, HP Gas and Indane Gas through whatsapp.

If you use gas cylinders in these three also, then read the post completely, you will get the information below.

How to book Bharat Gas

Bharat Petroleum Corp Ltd (BPCL), India’s second largest oil marketing company, has introduced a new way to book cooking gas on instant messaging WhatsApp. The new initiative is designed to make it convenient for the oil company’s customers. The company has over 71 million customers in India and this new step is aimed at making the process of booking LPG much easier.

How to book Bharat Gas on Whatsapp

The customer just needs to register the booking on the official WhatsApp business account of BPCL on smartline number 1800224344. Once the booking is done through WhatsApp, the customer will also get a confirmation message.

Along with this a link is also sent to make online payment for any refill. You will be able to pay with debit or credit cards, UPI, and other payment apps like Amazon Pay, Paytm, etc.

Launching the application, its Marketing Director Arun Singh said, “The provision of booking LPG through WhatsApp will make it even easier for the customers. Since WhatsApp is one of the most used apps for the young and young generation, it is there. This platform will bring us closer to our customers. ,

The company is also working on some new features like tracking the distribution of LPG and recording customer feedback. They are also looking to raise security awareness.

BPCL already allows customers to book LPG through other digital channels such as IVRS, missed call, app and website apart from its 6,111-strong large distributors.
How to book HP Gas

If you are an HP Gas customer, we have some good news for you. Now you can easily book your gas cylinder through WhatsApp. However, booking will continue through IVRS (Inter Active Voice Response System) facility as before. But, the company has started this new facility for booking and delivery of gas cylinders amid the lockdown.

HPCL Regional Head, Rajendra Patidar said that at some places, customers sometimes had trouble booking through IVRS. So, keeping those customers in mind, this new feature has been introduced. Interestingly, Hindustan Petroleum Company Limited (HPCL) currently has around 33 million home clients and caters to shopkeepers with a community of 2630 distributors.

How To Book HP Gas Cylinder Through Whatsapp?

However, there are different modes of booking HP Gas. But, the easiest way would be to book a cylinder through WhatsApp from your registered mobile number. The company has issued the number 9222201122 for booking through WhatsApp.

Customers need to book HP Gas on 9222201122 from their registered mobile number only. Then, questions will be asked to book the cylinder from the other side. In response, customers have to type YES. After this, the gas will be booked and the cylinder will be given as before.

By adding this, customers can also get more information related to HP Gas on WhatsApp in the following way-
To know LPG quota, send quota to 9222201122.

You can send a message to Lpgid to know the LPG ID information.

To know the subsidy, type subsidy and ship it.

Customer can send help to get various information regarding gas cylinder.

HP Anytime- A 24×7 IVRS Based Refill Booking System:
HP allows HPGAS customers to book refills at any time, without any hassles, without tedious telephone calls, restricted working hours, manual errors, etc., and periodic confirmations.

Click below to know the IVRS numbers of all States/UTs/Territory

HP gas’s Whatsapp Booking Number is 9222201122

How to book Indane Gas

Nowadays most of the people use Indane LPG gas cylinder. This is the need of every household and because of this it is very important for everyone to know that what are the ways to book this cylinder?

Government has given 3 ways by which we can book gas cylinder, that is 3 ways online registration, s.m.s. Earlier people used to buy gas cylinder by putting long lines in gas agency by sending mobile app etc. But now this process has been made easy under which we can get cylinder sitting at home.

How To Book Indane Gas Cylinder By Whatsapp?

For the convenience of the customers of Indane Gas, a number 7588888824 has been issued for booking through WhatsApp. Through this you can now book gas cylinders. Anyway, most consumers in the country are also of Indane gas, who use LPG cylinders in their homes.
Indane Gas Whatsapp Booking Number

Whatsapp Booking Number of Indane Gas is – 7588888824

The number should be registered with the gas agency
To take advantage of this service, your mobile number should be registered with the gas agency. Your booking from other mobile number will not be accepted. If the mobile number is not registered, then go to the gas agency and register it immediately.

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