You probably know how old are you now but it is not true that what is your age in today’s date? If you know your date of birth, then by following this post today, you can calculate your age very easily, meaning you can calculate age. There are many age calculator tools online and offline, using which it is very easy to know how old you are.

So today in this post we are going to show you how to calculate age using computer mobile and online. If you use Windows 10 computer then you do not need any software or online tool, but if you want to calculate your age from mobile then you have to use app. So let’s see how to calculate age correctly.

How to Calculate Age on Computer?

First of all, we will see how to calculate Age in Windows 10 computer because in Windows 10 you will not need to use any kind of software.

Step-1: First you click on Start and search calculator you will get a calculator, click on it and open the calculator.

Step-2: After the calculator is opened, you click on the three line from the top left side, after that you will get the option of Date Calculation, click on it.

Step-3: After opening Date Calculation, you will get an option like below, the date which is showing on From is not to do anything to the current date, but the date which is showing in the To option, you will get your date of Birth has to be selected, as we have selected 1 june 1994, so you have to select it in the same way. After selecting the date of birth, you will be shown your age below.

Note: Similarly, you can calculate your age in any Windows 10 computer or laptop, in Windows 7 we did not check but you can check and see.

How to Calculate Age from Mobile?

If you are a mobile user and you do not have a computer then how will you calculate your age? There is no need to worry, you can remove your age from mobile too, but for that we need an app which we have given below.

Step-1: First of all download and install Age Calculate app on your mobile, then open it.

Step-2: After opening the app, you will get the option of Age Calculator, click on it.

Step-3: Now enter your date of birth in the box of Date of birth, after that click on Calculate.

Step-4: On clicking Calculate, you will show your correct age, you can see below, not only how old you have become, but how many days you have become, you can also see how many months you have become.

How to Calculate Age Online?

If you do not want to use any kind of app, then you can calculate your age by using online tool, for this it is necessary to have internet in your mobile and computer.

Step-1: First you visit the Age Calculate website by clicking on the link given below, after that you will get an Age Calculator as soon as the site is opened.

Age Calculator Online

Step-2: Now you type your correct date of birth from Select Your Date of Birth option, then click on Calculate below.

Conclusion:- So friends, in the same way, you can calculate your age, you can calculate your age correctly, so hope you have liked this post today, if you liked this post, then please share this post with your friends. Share it.


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