Do you also want to know how to make a wedding card in PageMaker? So in today’s article, we are going to know the complete process of making a wedding card in PageMaker. Pagemaker is such a software that can make very beautiful wedding cards.

For this, let us tell you that to make Hindi wedding card in Pagemaker, you have to do Hindi typing, but if you do not know Hindi typing, then you can do Hindi typing in Pagemaker by these two methods.

If you buy computer Hindi typing chart from anywhere or do not get it, then you can download Hindi typing chart online on the internet and you can do Hindi typing by looking at that chart.

You can also do Hindi typing for making wedding cards in Pagemaker by installing Hindi typing software on your computer from the Internet.

We can make wedding cards in many other software, but making wedding cards in Adobe PageMaker is very easy, everyone can learn it, in Hindi, English or whatever language you want to make wedding cards, you can easily with the help of PageMaker. Can do.

Before making wedding cards on PageMaker, you should install all the popular Hindi fonts on your computer because it is very important for making wedding cards.

If you want to make a good wedding card on Pagemaker, then first of all measure your wedding card first, then we have to design your wedding card according to that. You should not make mistakes in the word while making wedding card because it is very important.

Card Size

First of all, you have to measure the size of your wedding card, it is important that the size is correct, because if our size is wrong, then the wedding card may have to be customized again, so pay attention to the size of the wedding card.

Card Matter

If we want to make wedding card mater, then for this we can make full mater by ourselves on pagemaker, this is what we will learn further, but if you want to design wedding card quickly, then you can buy wedding card mater of pagemaker from any wedding card printing shop. You can order or you will get it online also.

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How to Make Wedding Invitation Card in Mobile?

Step-1: First of all, we have to go to pagemaker and take a new page according to the size of the wedding card, then at the top we have to write the shlokas of God. These shlokas are written according to your religion. I have to go to the text option.

Step-2: Then after doing all this, we have to go to the tools to write the name of the bride and groom, if the wedding card is for a girl, then write the name of the girl on the left side and the name of the boy on the right side, you can do this by pressing Alt and with the help of the mouse. Customize the text very well and then put a clip art with or weds in the middle under these names.

  • Make text and clipart photos smaller by pressing Alt.
  • If your tools are not visible, then you will find windows written above and go to show tools, you will see all the tools.
  • Use the \ tool to draw a line.
  • To change the font, go to the Font option below and change the font.
  • Press Control+s to save the file.
  • Write all your name, address, place, date, time, day by going to the text option of pagemaker, for example, you can write all the things according to this photo and by pressing Alt, customize all the things well, with a good font style as seen in this photo. Be something like this.

Step-3: Then you have to put some new cliparts in this, which put some religious cliparts and wedding cliparts on the empty space and press Alt and set it well on the empty space.

Step-4: If there are two pages of the wedding card, then to design it, you will get L1 written in the corner, then you will get 1 written on it, right click on it, then click on Add A new page and customize that second page in the same way. Can

To make an envelope for the wedding card, go to L1 again and right-click on Add A New page. How to make wedding card in PageMaker

Step-5: Then you set the envelope properly by measuring the size of the card, don’t forget to write all the things in the text, also put the clipart on the photo, customize it well in the same way as I have shown.
easy way

If you want to make a wedding card in PageMaker very easily, then you can get the pre-designed pagemaker file online or by asking for a wedding card printer, you can customize that pre-designed file with your name and everything. You can use it to make card mater, this is the easiest way to make wedding card with pagemaker.

Conclusion:- I hope that with the help of these methods, you must have learned to make wedding cards in PageMaker and you will also be able to design wedding cards with the help of Adobe PageMaker in the coming times and share this article with your family and friends. So that he too can learn and do not forget to write in the comment how did you like this post.


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