How to make a 3D Live Wallpaper of your name – we will know this in this post, nowadays everyone uses Android smartphone because many features are available to users in it and the user interface of Android mobile is also very simple, which all It is easily understood by the users, and there are millions to billions of app users, almost all people want to give a good look to their mobile, for this they use many launchers and themes.

But if you want to make your mobile look very good, then wallpaper has an important role in it because whenever someone uses your mobile, he sees only wallpaper on the homescreen, but if you want any such simple photo as your If you use it in mobile wallpaper, then it also makes a difference on the look of your phone because it does not make it look good, but by using 3d Live Wallpaper, you can give a good look to your mobile.

Although there are many 3D Live Wallpapers on the internet, but do you know that you can also create your own live wallpaper and use it in your device, it is not too difficult and neither does photo editing come for it. It is necessary that I am going to tell about this in the article.

If you want to set your name on the home screen of your phone by making a 3D Wallpaper, you can easily do it and today I am going to tell you about this, you can create your name live wallpaper from mobile itself in less than 2 minutes. You can do it, there are many ways for this, you can make it from both computer and phone, but many people use the smartphone more, so I am going to tell you the smartphone method.

How to make your name 3D Live Wallpaper from mobile?

Step-1: First of all, you have to download an app from the Play Store in your Android phone, whose name is My Name Live Wallpaper, if you want to download it directly, then you can do it by clicking on the button below.

Step-1: Now open this app, here you will see the option to enter your name, remove My Name Here and enter your name and click on ok.

Step-2: Now Friends, now you will see that 3D Wallpaper of your name will be visible.

Step-3: Friends, if you are not showing the option to enter your name in it, then after opening this app, click on the setting icon.

Step-4: After going to the setting, click on Edit text

Step-5: Now here you write your name by deleting My Name Here and click on OK.

Step-6: Now your name will start appearing in 3D, now if you have to make some changes in it, then click on the setting icon again.

Step-7: Here you will see Font Type, Transparent, Interactive Etc options.

Step-8: Here you will see many fonts. Select whichever font you like by clicking on the box next to it.

Step-9: You can select one font and see in which font your name looks good like Gold, Stone etc.

Step-10: Now in whatever font your name looks good and you want to set it on the home screen of your phone, then here you will see the option of Set Wallpaper below, click on it.

Step-11: Now your name wallpaper is set on your phone home screen

Important – By setting your name 3d Live Wallpaper in mobile, the look of your device looks good, but it also uses the battery of the mobile more, because the wallpaper is always in running, then it also uses more of your device’s battery. That’s why mobiles start discharging quickly, so if you want that your mobile battery is not used too much and can also use 3D Live Wallpaper, then you can set the time when you are not using your device. If you are, then do not use wallpaper in it and on the contrary, when using your device, you can also use it.

Conclusion :- You must have come to know about how to download 3D Live Wallpaper of your name, you can also make a video with your name and for this you do not have to download another app, but users will also get this option in this app. It goes, to make their mobile look attractive, people use many themes in it, they also change the font and app icon, but this is a good way to make your device look attractive.


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