Everyone likes to read Newspapers. The pleasure of reading newspaper with sips of tea is something different. You must have seen your grandparents doing this. We can travel around the world in a few minutes. And they get face to face from every corner.

But, nowadays due to lack of time, we rarely read newspapers. Even if we read, we keep a cursory glance only on the News Headlines. Therefore, in view of this problem, the main newspapers have started bringing out their online editions. The online version of newspapers is called E-paper.

Almost, online versions of all newspapers are published. You can read these E-papers online on your mobile phone whenever you want, wherever you want.

You can read newspapers from English newspaper Times of India, Hindustan Times to Hindi newspapers Dainik Bhaskar, Rajasthan Patrika, Dainik Jagran, Nav Bharat Times, Punjab Kesari to Gujarati Newspaper Gujarat Samachar, Sandesh, Divya Bhaskar, Akila Newspapper, Sanj Samachar etc. online in your mobile phone.

In this article, we will tell you how to read online news? How can you also read the news of the world on your mobile phone only? How can you read e-papers online on your mobile phone?

How to Read Newspaper on Mobile Phone

Below we have told step-by-step how to read newspapers online? This method is not only for mobile phones? If you have a laptop, tablet PC or desktop PC. Even then this method will work 100% on these devices. You can also read online news on your computer.

Step-1: First of all, open your favorite Search Engine in your Mobile Phone. Like, Google, or you can also open Bing. We have used Google here. You can also use the same.

Step-2: Now you have to write the word “Epaper” in Google’s Address Bar. And tap on Search.

Step-3: Google will show results related to this Search Term on E-paper Search. Here you will be shown the online versions of Newspapers along with their websites.

Step-4: Now many E-papers are available in front of you. Whichever newspaper you want to read online. Tap on it. As soon as you tap, the online version of that newspaper will open in your mobile phone.

Step-5: If your favorite newspaper is not in this search result. So you can go down and go to “Next page”. It is possible that your favorite newspaper is on this page. If you find your favorite newspaper here, then you can read it online.

Step-6: Or You can also read the news from the direct link of the news characters given below

Gujrat samachar e-Paper. Click Here
Divya Bhaskare-Paper Click Here
Divya Bhaskar. Click Here
Sandesh Click Here
Sandesh e-Paper Click Here
Bombay Samachar Click Here
Sambhaav Click Here
Nobat Click Here
Jamnagar Jai Hind Click Here
Gujarat Mitra Click Here
Gujarati-Economic-Times Click Here
Economic Times Click Here
Nav Gujarat Samay Click Here
Nav Gujarat Samay-epaper Click Here
Akila Click Here
Aaj Kaal Click Here
Gujarat Today Click Here
Sardar Gurjari Click Here
Kutch Mitra Click Here
Aankho Dekhi Click Here
Bhanvad.com Click Here
Sanj Samachar Click Here
Abhiyaan Click Here
Chitralekha Click Here
Gujarat Darpan Click Here
Kutch Uday Click Here
Gujarati-webduniya Click Here
Phulchhab Click Here

Conclusion:- In this article, we have given you complete information about reading newspapers online. You have come to know that what is the method of reading newspapers online on mobile phone? We hope that this article will prove useful for you. And you will also learn to read newspapers online.


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