Recover Deleted Photo/File From Mobile – If photos are deleted from our phone, then Delete Photo Wapas Kaise Laye and these Photo Recovery Apps can easily recover Photos Wapas, today I am going to tell you about some such apps so that you can get your required image back.

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Recovering Deleted Photos Sometimes it becomes very important for us because an image is deleted by mistake, it is very important for us and we have to bring that photo back.

Or it also happens that if you have done Mobile Reset / Format, then the image has been deleted from your gallery, then you have nothing to worry about, you can bring the same Photo Wapas very easily but for that you have to follow exactly this step.

By the way, I am telling you how to get the photo back without rooting the mobile, but in Root Phone, it is very easy to wapas lana, remember that you should not root the phone after the pic is deleted, otherwise the photo will be lost forever. By the way, you can get back photos very easily by using these apps and these methods.

How to Recover Deleted Photo From Mobile

If you want to get the photo back, then you should keep in mind that all these apps which do photos recovery without rooting the mobile, do it keeping in mind the Android Securtiy Policy because Android Mobile has some rules of Android so that any Android Mobile hack is not possible, so it is a bit difficult to recover some photos.

Whenever a picture is deleted from the gallery or memory card, then the photo is not backed up in the mobile, then the image gets deleted directly and you can recover the same photo with the help of these apps, you can any of these good Recovery App can download

How To Recover Deleted Photos From Recovery Apps

You can easily get back deleted photos from these applications, but you have to keep in mind that you have to do Stemp Flow correctly, otherwise you can lose this deleted image forever.

1.DiskDigger Photo Recovery Apps

With the help of DiskDigger App, you can easily Delete Photo Nikle from Memory, Gallery and Mobile, for that you have to follow this step and you can easily get the pics back.

Step-1: To get back the removed image from Gallery, first download and open DiskDigger Software

Step-2: Click on Start Basic Scan

Step-3: DiskDigger Apps will ask you permission to read the media, click on Allow

Step-4: After that your Gallery Se Remove Picture Scanning will start

Step-5: In about 2-3 minutes, all your deleted images will come in front of you, put a tick mark on the folder of the image that you want to recover, then click on the Recover option.
Your Remove Picture Restore will start

Note:- Remember, instead of recovery, you accidentally clicked on the person of Clean Up, then your picture will be deleted forever and it will be impossible to get it back.

2. DigDeep Image Restore App

Step-1: First of all you have to download and open DigDeep Application

Step-2: You will see folders of some photos, you have to select the folder from which the picture has been deleted by mistake.

Step-3: As soon as the folder is opened, you will see all the photos that have been accidentally deleted from that folder, then you have to select the accidentally deleted photos and then bring them back to the photo gallery with the Picture Restore option.

3:- Super Easy App

Step-1: First of all you have to open the photo recovery app by Super Easy Download App

Step-2: Then you have to select Search The Image You Want To Restore option inside Super Easy Application

Step-3: You will see the folders of all the deleted pictures, now you have to select the image you want back, restore image

Step-4: Recover Deleted All Files, Photos And Videos App

Step-5: First of all install Recover Deleted All Files, Photos And Videos App, then open that App

Note:- This app does not recover photos properly now, due to which the link of this app has been removed, please try other apps.

Step-1: After that you will see the Start button, touch on it to start the app

Step-2: List Of Album Of Your Deleted Pic From Android Phone Will Come

Step-3: In it you will see the photo folder with Gallery, select any folder from which you had deleted the photo, then put the select mark on the deleted file and touch on the option to bring it back.

The best thing about Recover Deleted All Files, Videos App is that you can also bring back Deleted Videos by mistake, if you want, you can try this app.

5:- Undeleter Delete Photo Wapas Laane Wala Apps

Step-1: To get back photos from Undeleter Recover Files & Data App, you have to first download this app then open this function

Step-2: Now you have to allow all these apps whatever Permision asks for

Step-3: Select Image Scan

Step-4: Image Scanning will start

Step-5: Now all the photos that have been removed will be visible to you, now whatever image you want to bring back, touch on that picture, that photo will open completely, then you can bring it back to the gallery by touching on Save Button.

Step-6: Now with the help of this app, if you want to bring Photo Wapas together, then you have to touch on the title, then put a tick mark on whichever picture you want to bring back and in this way you can bring the image back together.

Delete Photo Wapas Kaise Laye from these Recovery Software has been explained in full detail, if you are still facing some problem then you can commit.

How to Backup Deleted Photo

If you keep important photos in your phone or you think that you never have to delete this picture, then even if you delete the photo by mistake, then there is no problem, you can get that important file back in just one click.

Sometimes there is such a picture which you keep but your phone is formatted, then those pictures get removed from the gallery and the pictures you have maintained for so many days, that’s why you should keep Photo Backup Apps in mobile so that you You can easily get back the deleted photos at any time

You must have seen in the computer that if you delete a file, then that file goes inside the computer’s Dumpster Software and if you want, you can easily recover it back, the same Dumpster can be downloaded in your mobile phone if you want.

1:- How to Backup Deleted Photo from Dumpster to Mobile

Step-1: First of all download Backup Dumpster Android App then open

Step-2: After that you have to agree to Dumpster’s Privacy Policy

Step-3: If you want to use Dumpster for free and do not want to buy Paid Plan, then touch on Start Basic

Step-4: Allow Storage Permission in Dumpster

Step-5: Then you delete any photo, it will be removed from your mobile gallery but that photo will come in dumpster, from there you can delete that file and also bring it back to gallery.

Note:- If you keep Important Fills, Media, Photos in your Android Phone then you should keep this Dumster App in your phone.

Conclusion:- How To Recover Deleted Photo With the help of these Recover Apps, you have been given complete information about this, yet if you face some problem then you can ask by commenting below, I will try to answer you as soon as possible.


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