Are you also troubled by the hang or slowness of the mobile. If yes, then today we will tell you How to Remove Virus in Mobile.

Friends, we all know how much smartphones are used in today’s time. And all the time the number of people using it is increasing day by day. Everyone uses internet in smartphone. Don’t know how many things we search using the internet. We do not know ourselves, we do not know how many unknown sites we visit on our smartphone throughout the day. Like- song download, video download, ticket booking and don’t know how many sites they visit. When we download something on all these sites, virus comes along with them in our mobile. Because of which our mobile hangs, or starts working slow. If we install any unknown app in our mobile, then along with it the virus also comes in our mobile. Due to which there is a lot of problem in our mobile. And the main reason for all these problems in mobile is virus. Our mobile works slowly because of virus.

If you are also troubled by the slow or hanging of the mobile, and you also want how to remove the virus from the mobile, then today we are going to give you information about how to remove the virus from the mobile. That’s why you read this post of ours completely. So that you do not have to face the problem of slow or hang mobile again. So let’s start without further delay. But before that we know, what is virus.

A virus is a harmful code or packet. Which damages the processor of the mobile by reaching our mobile. Due to which our mobile works very slowly, or it starts getting slow or hang. The first mobile virus was Timophonica. Which was found in Spain. This virus was identified in 2000 by antivirus labs of Russia and Finland. Even after this virus, many mobile viruses have come, which have become dangerous for mobile. Like- Cabir, Trojan, Commwarrior etc.

How Virus Comes in Mobile

There can be many sources of virus coming in mobile. But mostly the main reason for virus coming is when we download something from such an unknown site, or install an app from any other place other than play store or from any other App store, or any such app. Which we don’t even know, and install it, then the risk of getting virus increases a lot. Nowadays, when we play a game or use a browser, at that time a link to an unknown app comes, and if we download that app by clicking on it, then there is a high chance of virus entering our mobile. become And some viruses are also created by hackers. Those who hack anyone’s mobile and steal their personal details. There are many other reasons for the virus to come in the mobile, but most of the virus comes in the mobile because of these reasons.

How to Identify Virus in Mobile 

Friends, if your android phone is running very slowly than before, and is also getting hanged, then it may be that it is working slowly due to virus. If you open an app installed in your mobile, and it takes time to open, and if your phone’s battery life has suddenly decreased, and your mobile battery drains very quickly, then it May be due to virus. Apart from this, if you are using mobile, and any unwanted popup add comes, which has nothing to do with you, then it is all due to virus.

How to Remove Virus from Mobile

It is very easy to remove virus from mobile, we will tell you about some methods of how to remove virus here. By using which you can also remove the virus from your mobile.

Remove Virus With the Help of App 

Friends, it happens many times that unnecessary data gets stored in our mobile. Because of which the mobile starts to slow down or hang. Even if there is no virus in our mobile, then due to this data store, our mobile starts getting slow or hang. For this you can use Cleaner App by going to play store. There are many options in this Cleaner App, with the help of which you can increase the performance of your mobile like-

Junk file – They are called Junk file, the file which we do not use much, then it becomes junk file. Clicking on this option will delete all junk files.

Antivirus Scan – This feature is going to be very useful for you. By clicking on this option, the antivirus scans the virus in your phone, and then brings it to you. You can delete these viruses

Phone Booster – You can increase the speed of your phone by boosting your phone by clicking on this option.

Apart from all these, there are many options, using which you can fix your phone from hanging or slowing down.

Here we are telling you about some such cleaner apps, which you can easily use. And their result is also good.

  • Clen Master
  • The Cleaner-speed UP& Clean
  • C Cleaner
  • 360 Security etc.

By using Antivirus

You can also delete the virus with the help of antivirus in your phone. If you think that there is a virus in your phone, then you should install any good antivirus in your phone. And then scan your phone. If you have virus in your phone, this antivirus will delete them.

  • Kaspersky Antivirus & Security
  • AVG Antivirus
  • Avira Antivirus Security
  • CM Security
  • Avast Mobile Security etc.

Using Reboot Option 

If your mobile is hanging, and you have not rebooted your phone for a long time, then reboot your phone once. This will improve the performance of your mobile, and your mobile will not hang too much. To reboot the mobile, follow the steps mentioned below.

Step-1: First of all press the power on/off button of your mobile for some time.

Step-2: Now some options will open here. Here you click on the Reboot option.

Step-3: After clicking on Reboot, your mobile will start restarting.

Step-4: After restarting your mobile will be on. Now you can see here that the performance of your phone must have improved a bit.

Reset Your Smartphone

Friends, even after the method mentioned above, if the performance of your mobile does not improve, and your mobile hangs or runs slow, then reset your mobile. By resetting the mobile, if there is any virus in your mobile, then it will also be deleted, and then 100% your mobile will start working properly. This method will definitely work. But friends, keep in mind that by resetting the mobile, all the data in your mobile will be deleted. That’s why first you copy the data somewhere or take Data Backup. So that your data is safe by resetting the mobile, and you do not have any problem. Follow the steps given below to reset the mobile.

Step-1: First of all go to the setting of your mobile.

Step-2: Now you have to click on the About Phone option here.

Step-3: Now you have to click on the Factory reset option.

Step-4: Now you have to click on Erase all data here.

Step-5: Here you are asked for OK, then click on it. As soon as you click on OK, your phone will start resetting.

Step-6: When your phone is reset, then you turn it on. After reset, your phone will be like new.

So friends, you can delete the virus from your mobile in this way. Then your phone will not slow or hang.

Friends, I hope you will like this information given by us.

Conclusion:- Friends, today we have told you how to delete virus from mobile in this post. it talks about. If you still find some dout’s in this post or need to make some improvements in our post, then you must tell us by commenting.

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