How to Update Aadhar Card Online – Hello friends, in this article we will know how to update Aadhar card online. Going to give information related to this.

Friends, as you all know how important Aadhar Card is for us. Because it is very important to have your identity proof in this digital country. At the same time, Aadhaar card is the identity card of every person. Which is important for bank related and many other works or for getting a new sim card. Because without Aadhaar card many of our other works cannot be done. That’s why it is very important to make Aadhar Card.

Apart from this, if you get your Aadhaar card made, and in your Aadhaar Card there is any kind of spelling of your name wrong, or your date of birth or gender is wrong, then you have to get your Aadhaar card updated for that. And you can Update Aadhaar card either online or offline.

So today we tell you how to update Aadhaar Card online? (Aadhar Card Online Update Kaise Kare) If you are going to tell the information related to this, then read this article till the end

Important Points to Update Aadhar Card Online

  • If you want to update your Aadhaar Card, remember that if there is an error in your name, then the name in Aadhaar can be updated twice.
  • And also gender can be updated once and date of birth once.
  • You need to upload a color scanned copy of the valid document proof attached with the details. that you want to update.
  • Any information required must be entered in your English or your local language.
  • If the card holder no longer has the registered phone number, then the offline method of correction to the Aadhaar card holder should be adopted.
  • All the necessary information has to be filled in the Aadhaar card update form. Do not leave any option blank.
  • If you want to get more information related to Aadhaar card, then you can find out by visiting UIDAI website.

What type of Information can be Updated Online in Aadhaar Card

If you want to update Aadhar Card Online. So for your information, let us tell you what information you can update in the Aadhaar card. Which are as follows.

  • Aadhaar Holder Name
  • Date of Birth
  • Gender
  • Mobile Number
  • Email ID

How to Update Aadhaar Card Online? 

If you want to Update Aadhar Card Online (Aadhar Card Online Update), then you have to go to the official website of Aadhar Card In which you can update Your Name, Address, Date of Birth, Gender and Mobile Number.

But remember that any Aadhaar related details must be registered in Aadhaar to update your mobile number online. Because during this process OTP is sent to your mobile number via SMS. And it has to be submitted only after entering that OTP.

So let’s know further about the process of updating Aadhaar Card Online (Aadhar Card Online Update) which is as follows.

  • If you want to Update Aadhar Online, first you have to visit the official website to update aadhaar card.
  • After visiting the official website of Aadhaar card, a page will open in front of you. In which you have to enter your 12 digital Aadhaar card number.
  • After entering the 12 digit Aadhaar card number, you have to enter the captcha code and click on Send OTP.
  • After clicking on Send OTP, OTP will come on your registered mobile number and that OTP will have to be submitted at the specified place.
  • After submitting, a new page will open in front of you in which you will get two options.
  1. Updation of Demographic Details Including Address with Supporting Document Proof
  2. Address Update through Address Validation Letter
  • You have to click on ‘Update Demographics Data’ to update Name, Date of Birth, Gender, Address along with document proof.
  • After that you have to choose the details which you want to update, after that the further process will be completed.
  • Similarly, you can Update Aadhaar Card Name, Address, Date of Birth, Gender, one by one.

After few days SMS will be sent to your registered mobile number whether your Aadhaar is updated or not. Or if you want to check the status of your Aadhaar card yourself, then you can go to the same website and click on Update Online and enter the update request number to check your Aadhaar status.

How to Change Aadhar Card Address Online 

If you want to change your Aadhaar Card address online, then follow the steps mentioned below.

  • First of all go to the official website of Aadhaar card
  • After visiting the official website of Aadhar card, you will get the option of My Aadhar.
  • After that you have to go to the second tab of the dropdown, Update Your Aadhaar. And the third option will appear in its dropdown.
  • In which to click on Update your address online.
  • After clicking on Update Your Address Online, a new page will open in front of you.
  • And at the bottom of the page, you will see the option of Processed to update the address. On which you have to click.
  • After clicking on Processed to Update Address, a new page will open in front of you.
  • In the new page, you have to first enter your Aadhar Number, Captcha Verification. And click on Send OTP option below.
  • After clicking on Send OTP option, an OTP will come on your Aadhaar registered number. which you have to enter.
  • After entering, you have to click on the option of Data Update Request.
  • After clicking, you have to click on the address option again. And your address will be changed.

Conclusion:- Friends, in this article I have given information related to How to Update Aadhar Card Online ( Aadhar Card Online Update Kaise Kare ). I hope you have liked this information. If you like this information. And if this information proves useful for you in updating Aadhaar Card Online, then definitely share this article with your friends and others. Thank you


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