Do you know what is Google Assistant and how does Google Assistant work, if not, then in this post we are going to give you complete information related to Google Assistant in detail.

At present, even though we use many AI (Artificial Intelligence) in our homes like Alexa, Siri or Google Assistance, but earlier we used to use Voice Based AI only in English movies.

Today’s technology has changed so much that now with the help of AI, we can listen to any news without using our hands, send text message to anyone, play video or get information about whether as well. You can also call anyone.

The credit of all these that an Android user enjoys for free goes to Google’s Google Assistant because due to that, today we can do different things in our Android mobile only with our Voice Command.

With your only voice command, Google Assistant works like your assistant and that is why it has become a part of our daily life.

So let’s know what is this Google Assistant or how it works and how we can use it.

What is Google Assistant?

Google Assistant is Google’s own Voice Controlled Smart Assistant that works on AI (Artificial Intelligence).

You can also call Google Assistant an extension of Google Now. Google Now was also a product of Google, like Assistant, which saved the searches of the people in its database like what you like and where you live or what you do etc.

But later Google closed Google Now but Google has made Assistant even better. Wide Range Voice Command is used to operate the Assistant.

It is mainly available on Android mobiles and smart devices at home, so that you can use them for various tasks. Along with this, you can also use it as your personal use.

Like Google Assistant, Apple’s Siri and Amazon’s Alexa also work on Artificial Intelligence.

Google Assistant What can you do?

Many people want to know what Google Assistant can do for us, so let’s know what are the features of Google Assistant?

  • Google Assistant can control your device and smart home.
  • It can access your calendar and personal information.
  • The Google Assistant can set an alarm for you and tell you the time.
  • It can send messages or make calls.
  • It can open various applications in your mobile
  • It can read the notification for you.
  • The Google Assistant can control your music.
  • It can search for information online for you.

Thus, apart from these, there are many other things that Google Assistant can do and you can easily use it.

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How to know if your phone has Google Assistant

Well, currently you get Google Assistant in every Android mobile, but if you use an old mobile and want to know whether Google Assistant is in your mobile or not then

Say Ok Google by pressing the Home Button of your mobile and if Assistant supports you in your mobile, then he will definitely respond to you.

After that you can get any information or add anything by giving voice command to Google Assistant. But if your device does not support Assistant then you cannot use it.

Which Devices Offer Google Assistant

When Google Assistant was first launched, it was launched only in Google’s Pixel Mobiles and after that it was also launched in Google Home.

Currently, there are many devices that offer Google Assistant. Through the list given below, you can see which devices offer Google Assistant.

  • Android TVs
  • Google Home Devices
  • Smartphones
  • Cars
  • Google Home Devices
  • Google Smart Displays
  • Earphones and Earbuds
  • Google Maps

Thus, all the devices mentioned in this list offer Google Assistant.

How to Change Google Assistant Language?

To change the Google Assistant language, you can change the language by going to the Language Setting option of the Google Assistant setting or you can also ask Direct Google Assistant to change the language.

Conclusion:- Hope you must have liked this post of ours and also now you have got information about Google Assistant.

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