How to Use Google Translate App:- In today’s internet age any text, book, letter or notice can be translated i.e. any book or letter written in any language can be translated into another language. gives This work may not be possible unless there is a mobile application on the internet in which we can translate any one language into another language. Therefore, Google has launched the Google Translate app to solve this problem.

So we thought why don’t you also get information about this app? How to use Google Translate app? If you are going to give complete information about it, then you must read this blog from the beginning to the end.

What is the Google Translate App?

Google Translate is a smart app that makes people’s work easier. Basically, there are three main features in this app, through all these features you can translate one language to another language. In this app you can also type by speaking. Along with this you can translate any letter, notes, book or text.

For example, if you get a letter or notice in which that letter or notice is written in English language and you don’t know English language yet, then you can translate the letter or notice in Google Translate app to translate it into your language. Capture a photo and translate it into any of your languages ​​and read it very easily.

In the Google Translate app you also get the option of Conservation in which if you meet someone whose language you neither understand nor the person understands the language spoken by you, then in such a situation you can use this app. You can talk to that person.

Similarly, if you are chatting with someone online and the other person is chatting in English and you don’t know English, then in this situation you can understand their chat with the help of this app. He can also reply in his own language.

Google translate app is very awesome app which has been downloaded by more than 100 crore people from play store so far and its rating is 4.4 which can be considered as very good. Now you can guess from this that how useful this app can be for you.

How to Use Google Translate App

Step-1: First of all open play store in your mobile and download google translate app.

Click here to download this app now.

Step-2: After downloading the Google Translate app, its home page will open in front of you in which you get to see 4 options, we are going to tell you about these four options one by one.

1. Enter Text :- Any text you type in any language here will be translated in the language you have chosen. Like we typed the text here in English and got it translated in Hindi.

2. Conservation :- Any two people who do not understand each other’s language, then in such a situation they can communicate with the help of this option.

  • Here, whichever two people want to talk in the language they want to talk to, select the language from here. Like we have selected English and Hindi language for example here.
  • Now allow all the requested permissions by clicking on the Conservation option.
  • First of all, the English band will say How Are You, then it will be translated into Hindi.
  • Now the second guy will say that our village is very nice and it will be translated in English
  • In this way, two people can communicate with each other by translating any language.

Step-3: Here you get the option to record voice i.e. here you can type the text by speaking and also translate it to other languages.

4. Camera :- Right now there is a letter or notice in front of you in which English language or any other language is written and you can’t understand it or can’t read it. can be read by translating

Conclusion:- So friends, now you can see that Google Translate app is a great app, it fulfills half of your unfinished life. Means if you don’t understand any language then you can translate it in your own language and understand it then this is a great app. So friends hope you know what is google translate app? How to use Google Translate app? You must have got more and more information about it, so we hope that you must have liked the information given by us, if you like it, then you must share it with your friends.


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