In today’s time it has become very easy to earn money by playing games. There are many home based money making games available on the internet which you can easily earn Rs.500 per day. Teen Patti Game is also one such platform where you can earn money by playing games.

You have to download those money earning teen patti game which gives good money.

Nowadays there are many 3 Patti Games to earn money, some of which are the most famous in today’s time. In Teen Patti, you can play the game with or without money.

There are many games you can play in Teen Patti Real Cash App.

In this article what is Teen Patti Game?, how to Download Teen Patti and how to earn money from Teen Patti Game

Teen Patti Gold – પર ગેમ રમી ને પૈસા કેવી રીતે કમાવા

How to Download Teen Patti Game?

Downloading the Teen Patti application from the Play Store is very easy.

  • First of all you have to go to the search box of play store.
  • Have to enter Teen Patti.
  • After entering Teen Patti, many applications will come in front of you but you have to search Teen Patti Gold.
  • Teen Patti Gold application has to be downloaded.
  • After downloading the application it will come on your mobile screen in 1 minute.
    Keep in mind that there are many applications of Teen Patti game in the Play Store, you have to search for the right application Teen Patti Gold.
  • After that Download Teen Patti Gold because its rating point and downloader is highest its rating point is 4.4. This
  • Application has been launched in play store in October 2014.

How to Create an account in Teen Patti Gold?

Creating an account in the Teen Patti Gold application is a very easy task.

  • First of all, you have to visit the application and click on the sign up option.
  • After clicking on the sign up option, you can sign up with either Facebook account or Google account.
  • After getting sinus, you can play the game by understanding Teen Patti Rules.

સંપૂર્ણ નગર જુઓ નીચેની લિંક થી

પ્રમુખસ્વામી શતાબ્દી મહોત્સવ નિહાળો ઘરે બેઠા

How to play the game on Teen Patti Gold application?

To play games in the Teen Patti Gold application, you must have the application downloaded on your phone. You can play games on it only after it is downloaded.

Understand the below Teen Patti Rules very well:

Step-1: If the application is already downloaded on your phone, then you have to visit the application directly. After visiting you will be asked the language here.

Step-2: After selecting the language, you can login to it with Facebook or Google.

Step-3: After this a table will appear in front of you.

Step-4: Here you can play Teen Patti game for free and for money.

Step-5: If you want to earn more money then you can earn by investing money.

Step-6: There are about 6 players in the Teen Patti game, at the end all the money is given to the player who wins the game.

Step-7: All the money of the five players who lose is given to the winning player.

How to Play Teen Patti Real Cash Game

1. To play Teen Patti Real Cash game, first you need to download Teen Patti Gold or Teen Patti Rummy application.

2. After downloading the Teen Patti Game Paisa Kamane Wala application, login will have to be done.

3. After login to the application, two options will appear in front of you, Free Game and Paid Game.

4. Click on the option of Paid game and here you will have to pay the game fee.

5. After paying the game fee, you will get three cards and five more players like you will join the game.

6. Before playing the game, definitely get information about the rule.

7. You can lose the game if you break any of the different rules.

8. To play the game first you have to understand the layout.

Note:- If you want to download Ludo game to earn money then there are many Paisa Kamane Wala Ludo Games. If you want all the information about Online Ludo Kaise Khele, online Ludo game money earner and Ludo Game Khel Kar Paise Kamaye, then you can read this article.

How to Earn Money from Teen Patti?

You can earn money through Teen Patti Gold application in two ways.

First by playing the game and second by referring the application to your friends.

1. By Playing Games

If you want to download Teen Patti game and make money by playing the game then you have to play card game like offline gambling here! Similarly, online card game is played in Teen Patti game, where three cards are given to each player.

After this the game is started and which remains in it till the end as in the game in offline. In the end the player who wins in the Teen Patti game is called the Teen Patti Winner and is given the real prize.

Here you will also get to play the game for free, if you want to learn this game and understand the layout, then you can play the free game in the beginning, after learning the free game, you can play the real money game. .

There are many events going on from time to time in which you can earn money by participating. To win the game, your cards must be high in ranking.

You can play the game by choosing any of your languages.

2. By Referring the Application

Money can also be earned by referring Teen Patti Gold application.

If anyone downloads the application from your link, you will get 30% commission from their earnings every time.

You can share on Facebook group, WhatsApp group and Telegram group to get more people to download the application. If you invite any of your friends then you will get 1 Crore Chips.

In this way you can earn money by playing Teen Patti game.

How to transfer the money won from Teen Patti game?

You can easily withdraw the money won in Teen Patti game to your bank or Paytm wallet.

One has to visit the home page of Teen Patti Gold application, after that click on the option of withdrawal here. After clicking on the Withdrawal option, you will be asked some information like bank account number or Paytm number.

After entering the information, your money will be withdrawn to your bank account or Paytm number.

FAQs – Related to the game of Teen Patti

Here we discuss some questions and answers related to the game of Teen Patti:

Can you earn money from Teen Patti for free?
To earn more money in Teen Patti game, people also have to invest money. Teen Patti also has some free games that you can play online with your friends. In free game you get coins, later you can convert into rupees and transfer them to Paytm, apart from this you can also earn free money by sharing the application among more people.

How to play Teen Patti game online?
To play Teen Patti online game, you need to download Teen Patti Gold. Here you can play Teen Patti game online with your friends and family.

how to live in teen patti ?
If you want to win the Teen Patti game, then initially play the game for free. In Teen Patti Gold application, you can increase your knowledge by playing the game for free and later win the Teen Patti game because you will get a lot to learn in the free game.

How to earn money by playing Teen Patti Teen Patti game ?
So, in this article, you have got all the information about what is Teen Patti Gold and how to earn money by playing Teen Patti Real Cash Game.

If you want to earn well by playing Teen Patti game online then first of all download Teen Patti and play for free. When you have understood Teen Patti Rules in Hindi very well, then invest some money after that.

Conclusion:- I hope you all the information in Teen Patti Se Paise Kaise Kamaye 2022 will be beneficial. If you have any question related to this, please do comment, we will try to answer you soon.


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