Top 3 Android Phone Keyboards Today I am going to talk to you about this only. Hello friends, my name is Deepak Singh, let’s know.

About these Top 3 Android Phone Keyboards. When we buy a smartphone, we first install some apps from Google Playstore which are useful for us, and also download some extra apps to make the phone more smart. We all buy phones so that we can stay connected with our friends and our people and for this we either take the help of phone calls or social networking sites like – WhatsApp, Facebook etc.

When sending a message by typing, the keyboard is used, it is obvious that you have to do it, but at that time if your keyboard is different from a normal keyboard and has some extra features, then it is even more fun. So friends, let’s finally come to the point and know how to make your phone more special with the help of these Top 3 Android Phone Keyboards. Man has been placed at number one in this list?

There are many features in this that you must know about, if you like Fun and if you like to share Funny Stickers with your friends, then this is the best keyboard for you because you get a lot of options for it.

You can make stickers of your face with the help of Bobble Keyboard App and not only this you can make many GIFS with its help, Bobble App is a keyboard which is available for free on Google Playstore, it has about 5 Millions Downlaods. And also it has ratings of 4.6.

How to use Bobble Keyboard App?

Bobble Keyboard App is very easy to use because it is very simple. You must first download it from Playstore, then open it as soon as it is installed in the phone, then it will ask for some permissions which you have to give, after that you have to do the keyboard settings and enable it as soon as you Complete the settings.

After this, you have to set the stickers of your keyboard, for which you will have to take a selfie of yourself. As soon as the camera opens, a spectacle will appear in front of you on your phone screen, which you will have to keep in front of the eyes of your face, after that a photo will have to be taken after which you can customize your face according to your own.

Now your work is done, now you can open the keyboard and download all the stickers packs from the Bobble Store. And you can share your desired Stickers, GIF, Stories with your friends.

Bobble Keyboard Options and Features-

If you want to use Bobble App as a keyboard, then this app is also very good for this because there are many options for this too. In this you have features like English, Hinglish, Type English To Hindi.

Which you can use at the time of typing and also there are many fonts in it, which you can use different fonts during messaging, these fonts further enhance your writing experience. In this, you get the option of stickers and GIFS in the shortcut itself, with the help of which you can instantly share your stickers and GIFS on WhatsApp, Facebook or wherever you want.

2. Grammarly – Best Auto Correct Keyboard for typing in English

Grammarly Keyboard is second number in the list of Top 3 Android Phone Keyboards which is very good according to me. This is a very good option for those people who make mistakes in English, the special thing about this keyboard is that it keeps an eye on the word you type, and if you make a mistake while typing, it will correct it. Corrects automatically.

Now this question must be going on in your mind that nowadays this option is available in almost all keyboards, so what would be special about it. So let me tell you that it is very different from them because this keyboard has been made for this only. That’s why it works very accurately. This keyboard is very simple and easy.

Setting up this keyboard is also very easy, all you have to do is download this Grammarly Keyboard App from Google PlayStore, which is about 72 MB in size and has more than 1 Million downloads. After installing this app, you have to open it, then to do the rest of the settings, you have to follow its tutorial and you will do it easily.

3. Chrooma Android Phone Keyboard

The features of this keyboard are also very special, because Chrooma Keyboard has one special feature that makes it stand out from the rest. It also has downloads of more than 1 Millions, which people have liked a lot. If you want your phone keyboard to stand out from other keyboards, then this app is the best for that. Because

The most special feature of this app is that it adapts to your accent color and this keyboard changes to the same color. This means that if you open the Google Playstore, then this keyboard, which is the theme color of this app, also changes itself in the same color.

Features of Chrooma Keyboard –

You also get a lot of options in Chrooma Keyboard, with the help of which you can customize your keyboard well. In this you get the option of Color Customization, Language and other settings. There are many more options which you will come to know when you install this app.

Keep coming for more new information, Tips & Ticks and information related to similar apps, I hope you have come to know about Top 3 Android Phone Keyboards.


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