Hello friends hello! I hope you guys are doing well. Once again a very warm welcome to you on Teenpattiapp.in. Friends, today in this post I am going to tell such a secret trick of mobile, using which you can take a photo with your mobile’s camera just by speaking. For this you have to download an application on your phone. Whose name is “voice selfie app”. Which I am going to tell in full detail further in this post.

In today’s era, smartphones are coming in huge sizes. Thus we face a big problem in taking selfie with one hand. When you have to take a selfie photo with your group of friends, then your photo becomes useless. In this way your photo is not fully visible. Sometimes we miss the phone and the phone breaks down.

But through this voice selfie app, you can take photos just by speaking your voice. For this, this voice selfie application has to be downloaded in your phone. After this you have to make some settings in the app. Today I am going to give complete information about this voice selfie app, so definitely read the post till the end.

Features of Voice Selfie App

In this app, you will get to see the Advance Camera Control features of the camera, which you do not get to see in a normal camera. Like burst mode, shutter delay, flash, brightness and front/rear camera swap etc. with the help of which you can make your photo great.

How to Download Voice Selfi App?

To download this application, first go to Google Play Store and search for voice selfie.

After searching, the application will come in front of you. Which 10K people have just downloaded, because the application has just come new. The rating of this application is 4.4 which is very good.

If you face any problem in downloading this application from play store then you can download it from the link given below.

How to Use Voice Selfi App?

Step-1: It is easiest to use this app, first you have to download the application from the link given above.

Step-2: After downloading the app, you have to allow all permissions to this application. Only then this application will work well in your phone.

Step-3: After this the camera of your phone will open in front of you. You can open both front and back camera.

Step-4: To take a photo with the camera through this, you have to say the word “click my photo”.

In this way friends, you can take your photo by speaking from the mouth without clicking the phone’s camera capture button.

Conclusion:- Friends, I hope you what is voice selfie app? How to use? What is the function of voice selfie app? You will know everything.

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