Friends, today we are going to talk about a great app called Read Along (Google Bolo) App. In this article, we are going to tell you what is Read Along (Google Bolo) App? Of what use is this? How to download it? How to use it? e.t.c.

Friends, in the present time, with the help of internet, we can do many such works in a very short time just by sitting at our home, for which earlier we had to go out of the house, in which both our time and money were wasted. But today we can do the same work sitting at home.

One of these is also education. At present, thousands of information is available on every topic or subject on the internet, by reading or watching which we can learn more than school and college. There are many such websites and Android apps on the Internet, with the help of which we can study from home. On some of which we have written separate articles on some of the main apps, you can read them by clicking on the link below.

In this article, we are going to talk about the Read Along (Google Bolo) App, which was initially named Google Bolo App. That’s why it is also known by this name. This app is related to education. Which is an application of Google itself, it was launched on 4 November 2019 specially for the children of India. So far more than 1 million people have installed this application in their mobiles, its rating on Play Store is 4.3, which is considered very good. Its size is around 45 to 50MB.

What is Google Bolo App?

As we told you above that this is an educational app. It is primarily designed to provide education to children of the age group of 5 years and above. Young children love stories and games, so this app teaches children to speak and understand the English language through stories and games.

Hundreds of stories and games are available in this app, by reading or playing which children will learn English language while playing. There is also a computerized tweeter in this app, which is named. It helps children when they need it, it listens to them when they read, it encourages them when they get the answers right, and it helps them when they get stuck.

While studying in this, children are given stars as a reward, which encourages them, you can create profiles of more than 1 of your children in one mobile and see their progress separately. According to this app, children can learn a lot by using this app for just 10 minutes a day.

This app not only teaches hindi to english, but is also available in Bangla to English, Urdu to English, Telugu to English, Tamil to English, Marathi to English, Spanish and Portuguese languages.

Read Along (Google Bolo) App Features:-

  • There is no need of internet to use it, it also works offline.
  • This app is absolutely safe because it saves the data in the user’s mobile instead of saving it on the internet.
  • It is available in many languages.
  • it’s absolutely free
  • There are many games in it, by playing which children can learn a lot.
  • More than one child can study in one mobile.
  • It also has a tutor to help children read when needed.

How to download Read Along (Google Bolo) App? And how to use it?

1. You can download this app by searching in your mobile’s play store.

Click here to download the Read Along (Google Bolo) App now.

2. After downloading open it and select the language.

3. After that read its terms and conditions carefully.

4. After that you will be asked for some permissions, allow them and after that a sentence will come in front of you in English language, speak it.

As soon as you speak the sentence, this app will start, after that your children can read and play different types of stories and games available in it and can also study at the same time.

Conclusion:- Friends, this is a great app for small children to study through stories and games. If you have small children in your house too, then you must also try using this app once.


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